& Returns

Withdrawal of Purchase by Dissatisfaction:

If you made the purchase through our store, received the product in perfect conditions and still did not feel happy with the purchase, you can request through our Call Center canceling the purchase. But stay tuned for the rules below.

Deadline for withdrawal of purchase:
According to the rules of the CDC (Code of Consumer Protection), the customer who purchases through virtual stores, enjoy up to 7 (seven) days after receiving the product to register the withdrawal of the purchase.
The desire for cancellation should be immediately communicated to us, following the following rules:

Return of Merchandise:
– The merchandise must be returned through the post office with postage paid by the customer, to the address included in the purchase invoice.
– The product must be returned in its original packaging.
– The product must be returned together with the Purchase Invoice.
– The product can not show any evidence of use.

The product that does not meet the above conditions will not be accepted as a return and will be automatically sent back to the original address. Under these conditions, we reserve the right to re-charge freight.

Restitution of Values:
– Credit Card: The chargeback can occur in up to 2 subsequent invoices.
– Bank Draft: Current account credit within 10 business days.
– There will be no refund of the freight amount (it depends on the previous negotiation between us and client).

The return of the values ​​will be processed only after receiving and analyzing the conditions of the product (s) in our stock. (The product can not bring any indication of use).

All intentions of cancellation must be communicated to us before sending the product (s). Otherwise, requests will not be accepted. You have up to 30 calendar days after receiving the product to request the exchange or return of a product in our store.

To request your exchange or return is easy! Access Our Call Center.

Withdrawal / Change of Purchase in cases of products without defect:
The new product enjoys up to 30 days to be replaced. Provided it is presented under the same conditions it was received / purchased (in its original and unused packaging).
“Remember that to make the exchange, the product must be in the original packaging and unused.”
If you chose your product in our online store, but upon receiving it you did not like it and want to make the replacement for another item. Observe the rules:

Return of Merchandise:
– The product can not show any indication of use and the packaging can not contain any type of malfunction, annotations, etc.
– The product must be returned together with the Purchase Invoice.
– The product must be returned in its original packaging, accompanied by all accessories and manuals.
– The merchandise must be returned through post office with postage paid and sent to the address in the Invoice of purchase.

Commodity Substitution:
– You can make the choice of another item as stock available in our online store.
– The choice should be limited to the limit value of the product. If there is a price difference for greater, it should be arranged the payment of the difference, via options available on the site.
– The customer must indicate on the back of the Purchase Invoice, the item chosen for exchange.
– The product will be dispatched to the residence of the client, for payment of new freight.

Return of Merchandise:
– The merchandise must be sent through the post office to the address in the Purchase Invoice.
– Return the product in its original packaging.
– The customer must send the purchase invoice along with the product.
– The client should send a written report, a brief report on the alleged defect that refers to the complaint, clarifying about the problem occurred, etc.

Products shipped outside the above specifications will not be accepted for defect analysis and will automatically be returned to the sender.

Automatic Cancellation of Purchase:
The cancellation of the request and release of the products acquired at the initiative of Polário will be automatic in the following situations:

– Impossibility of execution of the debit corresponding to the purchase on the credit card.
– Inconsistency of data filled in the application.
Non-payment of the bank slip.
– Absence of inventory and impossibility to order from the manufacturer.

How do I proceed if my order is wrong, defective or defective?
When receiving your order, check that the packaging is intact, with no signs of tampering or damage. Identifying that the box or packaging is in these conditions, it is necessary to refuse it, noting in the Invoice the reason for the return.
If the request has been received, there will be a deadline of seven calendar days, counted from the date of receipt, to formalize the complaint in the Help Desk of the